Batching Systems

LMI batch controllers are used in many different industries, such as food, concrete, chemical, etc.

Using sophisticated software combined with loadcells and electronic relays, they allow to completely automate batching operation.

After batching, the complete batching operation history gets stored, and different types of reports can be generated, containing information such as:

  • Detailed report of mixing data with date mixed, time mixed, relay number, formula mixed, product loaded, target mass, actual mass, duration to load product
  • Summary report that displays between selected dates the target mass of product to be loaded against actual mass of product loaded.

The software also includes graphs between selected dates showing the target mass planned to be loaded and the actual mass loaded against time

The whole batching process layout can also be graphically displayed on the computer screen. By clicking with the mouse on different places of the plant displayed on the screen, it is possible to modify the batching operation at will.

_________________________________________CONCRETE MIXING PLANT
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