Group Axle Scales


The LMI group axle scales consist of two platforms 4 m long and 1 m wide, placed next to each other, which can accommodate up to three truck axles at the same time. This ensures a load measurement accuracy superior to that of portable pads, and comparable to that of a full weighbridge.

The vehicle is weighed one axle group after the other. One must take care that each axle group is weighed separately. After weighing a laden vehicle, by subtracting the recorded empty weight, the instrument calculates and shows the nett weight. Up to 2000 truck registration numbers, together with the relevant empty truck weights can be recorded in the instrument’s memory.


Differently from a weighbridge, or even a single axle scale, the low-profile Group Axle scales require no installation. They are simply placed on the ground (concrete, tar, even compacted soil). They can easily be moved around with a fork lift.

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group axle scale specs


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