Livestock Scales

LMI livestock scales consist of two loadbars (2000 kg capacity) and a digital readout instrument. We also supply a full range of crates and platforms, neck and body clamps, which are bolted on top of the two loadbars. Alternatively, we can the supply a drawing showing a crate which can be manufactured by the customer himself.


The length of the load bars can be chosen as 600, 800 or 1000 mm.



For the readout instruments we offer the following choice:

LS4 (simple readout, hand-held, fine mode, basic statistical functions)

LS2000 (hand-held, alphanumeric keyboard, average daily gain calculation)
LS2000P (same as above, supplied together with separate printer)

All these instruments can operate from 220V AC, as well as 12 V DC. Both cables and adaptors are supplied.

All the readout instruments are equipped with a stabilizing algorithm, which eliminates the spikes and oscillations in the measurements caused by very lively animals, and gives a stable reading. Imagine an animal whose weight is 435 kg going onto the scale and keep jumping up and down without stopping:  after about 3 seconds the display will show the exact figure (435 kg), even if the animal never stopped jumping.


* The LS4 instrument shows only the weight (no data manipulation), but it can also give the following information: Number of animals weighed, total mass of all animals, average mass of all animals, maximum and minimum mass. If used in “fine mode” (up to 200 kg weight) it is accurate to 100 g. It is hand held, with rechargeable battery incorporated.


* The LS2000 instrument is compact and hand-held, but quite powerful. It is equipped with a cell-phone type alphanumeric keyboard, it can communicate with a PC and generate reports. It allows to determine average daily growth while in the field.

Info cattleTag reading

LMI manufactures livestock tag readers, which operate together with the LS2000 instrument. The tags are inserted in the animal’s ear, and the reader can read the tags at 0,1 m distance. Up to 4000 tags and weights can be recorded.


Livestock Equipment :

Cattle crate

Sheep/pig crate

Cattle platforms